PP was founded in 2018 by architect Arianna Pisani Pavone, Venezuelan of Italian descent, certified in Milan-Italy as a bag designer and pattern maker.
“The World of PP seeks to question the conventional and welcome the innovative; by breaking function, rules, forms, materials and volumes to experience within a world where "Everything is invented."
We believe in creating new emotions, making connections that have not been made before, only by reconstructing thoughts and challenging what is already known is that we can experience new feelings, a look into the past to reinvent the future. There are no stipulations, we can modify the rules.
There is always something more.” - AP.
We believe in a brilliantly practical way of life, where “all-in-one”, multitasking women can be effortlessly elegant, unique, smart and authentic. We design functional bags for them to carry this life with simplicity and in style, with infinite possibilities of performance.


 In a world that changes very fast, a piece that has the capacity to evolve with you, can be very valuable; it makes it possible for you to create your own interpretation of it, giving you infinite alternatives. It is fashion, but like art, architecture, history or culture, it is what you want it to be, what it represents to you.


are the result of a creative journey towards the maximum expression of beauty. A whole universe of creative freedom and self-expression. Our design lines are pure, bold and unconventional. Like a true object of design it looks good and works better.


We work with the highest quality materials and skilled artisans. Our bags are made from 100% genuine Italian leather. Each bag is expertly handcrafted to look and feel soft, structured yet lightweight, and durable. Venezuelan craftsmen constructing PP bags have worked with leather goods for years, now using the best Italian craftsmanship techniques brought to them by PP’s founder Arianna, from her time in Italy working with expert bag makers.